Pen to paper.
Two years ago, I had a badass ‘fuck you, I’m guna be a free, beautiful bird and fly to my destiny’ type situation. Unfortunately, while taking off on my early twenties adventure, I deleted all my writing and my blog. It was all part of my self reinvention.
BUT.  Now that I have travelled, fallen madly inlove and I’m growing a human in my stomach, I’ve realised that I’m pretty damn cool.  Even massive and pregnant, I can still make my boyfriend do the weird silent laugh shakey fit thing.  I can dance around in my undies to 90’s music until im moderately out of breath and declare that I’ve worked out.
Yeah okay, I’m weird, abit cynical and forever broke. But thats why this is an ordinary pursuit of happiness.  Eventhough im in an international relationship  (Tony is Australian) there isnt going to be any dramatic airport scenes, serenaded by a Mexican band.  It’s more likely to be blogs about that time I ate 2 family apple pies in a dark hostel room and had an epiphany.
It takes balls to admit you’ve done the wrong thing and it’s hard to start over. But here goes, my offical first step back into the world of writing. Nonsense or not.

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